Myres Applies for Shawnee City Council Vacancy

Due to the resignation of the previous councilman, a vacancy has been created in the Ward 3 position that I sought last fall. On November 13th, the Shawnee City Council will choose a replacement, who will then stand for election in November of 2019. I have applied for this vacancy, and look forward to making my case before the Shawnee City Council. You can read my cover letter by clicking here.

As I indicate in the letter, I recognize the difference between being elected by the people and an appointment to the council. While I will always vote my conscience, I will also work with my colleagues in a respectful manner and work towards building a council that works together for the betterment of the city we all call home.

Welcome to my Website!

Welcome and thank you for visiting my new website. While our work in 2017 resulted in a close loss, our job to fight for the people of Shawnee continues. That is why, even though my campaign was not successful, I have decided to keep my online platforms active - to help keep you informed.

Municipal elections often have lower turnout, and they shouldn't, as the decisions our cities make have a direct impact on our daily lives, from taxes to trash policy.

It is through respectful and informed citizen input that our community can thrive. I look forward to listening to you, keeping you informed, and voicing my views when appropriate.

Dave Myres

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