Dave Myres Announces Candidacy for Shawnee City Council

Shawnee - Dave Myres, a successful businessman with a range of experience in service to his country and his community, announced his candidacy for the Shawnee City Council on Friday. Myres filed for office at the Johnson County Election Office and launched his website, www.daveforshawnee.com.

In announcing his decision, Myres described his approach to public service.

"Effective representation requires a willingness to listen, strong principles, sound judgment, and a proper temperament when discussing issues and advocating for the people. This is the spirit of service I will carry forward on the Shawnee City Council," Myres said.

Myres, who is 47 and married with four children, brings a diverse background of experience and service to the race. His service started in the armed forces, where he served in the Army Air Defense branch. He was stationed at Fort Bliss, El Paso Texas. There he served as a Patriot Missile Maintenance Platoon Leader, Executive Officer and Commanding Officer of a Patriot Missile Headquarters unit. He also had the honor of serving as the Officer in Charge of the Fort Bliss Military Funeral Team.He completed his service obligation and was Honorably Discharged in 1998.

Since then, Dave Myres been a medical sales professional with various industry leaders. He has been a sales representative, District Manager and Regional Manager. Currently, he is in National Accounts where is responsible for the corporate level relationship between Pfizer Global Established products and the large Hospital Systems in the Mid-West.

Myres has also been very active in his community - he is a Republican Precinct Committee Man, Kansas Selective Service Board Member and has recently been nominated to the Board of Commissioners for the Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission. He is also a 2016 graduate of the Menís Excellence in Leadership Series, which is an annual series hosted by the Kansas Republican Party. At Westside Family Church, where his family attends and is active, Myres serves a small group leader for 4th grade boys, participates in the City-Church Partnership Leadership Team and he has been trained to be a volunteer law enforcement chaplain.

Myres, who serves as a Republican Precinct Committeeman, is a pro-life, fiscal conservative with a philosophy that is based in a belief in limited government, which means the city must focus on core priorities.

"My priorities are public safety, solid infrastructure, and quality parks and recreation. My belief in limited government will guide me as I take votes on the council. We have become too reliant on tax increases and I believe we need strict scrutiny as we look at zoning requests, development decisions, tax incentives, and the like," he said, adding, "I will always be a listener, as sound judgment begins with understanding the facts before you and taking into account input from citizens across Shawnee."

Myres also added that he believes it's important for city council members to have the proper temperament when advocating for the citizens they represent.

"Debate is healthy and I will be a full participant if elected. However, we must do so in a way that moves away from heated rancor and division and instead conveys our views in a way that is constructive and principled."

2017 is the first year local elections will be held in the fall, with a primary being held on August 1st and the general election on November 7th. Myres is the second to file for Ward 3, a third filing would trigger a primary. Otherwise, both candidates advance to the general.

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