Strong Neighborhoods - Protect the Fabric of Western Shawnee
High density apartment complexes – often backed by the taxpayer – are popping up throughout Johnson County, transforming the essence of what makes our community so special. We must protect the fabric of our neighborhoods and not join in this trend.

Quality Growth – Promote a Business-Friendly Environment
Welcome new economic development - such as restaurants, retail, and offices - while doing so in a manner that places limits on excessive government involvement. Embrace fair, equitable, and low tax rates for all Shawnee businesses and taxpayers, while providing strict scrutiny on corporate incentives that lead to government choosing winners and losers.

Community Priorities – Focus on Public Safety, Roads, and Parks
Focus municipal resources on dependable core services, such as robust public safety, a solid infrastructure, and well-maintained parks. We must do so in a fiscally responsible manner that maximizes efficiency.

Sensible Budgeting – Stop Taking from the Taxpayer
Property taxes, income taxes, sales taxes, and various fees – they’ve all gone up at all levels of government. Shawnee citizens are working hard to make ends meet, and cannot handle government taking a bigger slice of their paycheck. We must practice zero based budgeting, where we look at every expenditure, every year, making wise decisions to live within our means.

Citizen Input – Listen to the People
Local government is supposed to be closest to the people, but too often the City Council doesn’t communicate enough with the citizens of our city. This is improving, and we must continue to champion consistent communication with our constituents, including detailed surveys on matters before our city.

  • Endorsed by Kansans for Life
  • Pro 2nd Amendment

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